Tony Moss Wildlife Photography

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Woodland Badger

An adult badger is alerted to the sound of another badger foraging in the surrounding bracken

Summer Sunset

Sunset backlights an adult New Forest badger soon after it has emerged from it’s sett nearby.  


A large boar Badger sets off to explore a New Forest wood

Golden Light

An adult badger sets off to forage as the last sunlight filters through the surrounding trees

New Forest Badger

An adult Badger climbs over a fallen tree as the light fades in a New Forest wood.

European Badger

As the light fades an adult Badger appears from the sett

European Badger

An adult boar in bracken

Badger in the New Forest

An adult Badger emerges from bracken surrounding the sett in the New Forest

Badger in the New Forest

An adult Badger in the New Forest


New Forest badger in bracken