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Badger Cub

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Badger cub in a New Forest wood. This particular image was 'Commended' in the British Wildlife Photography Awards Animal Portraits  2011.

Badgers can be found throughout the varied habitat found in the New Forest even though the acidic soil does not lend itself to high numbers of their favoured prey,  earthworms. The many badger images depicted in the New Forest gallery were photographed between late April until early July over many years.  Badgers tend to be most active earlier in the evening during these months allowing for images to be successfully taken using natural light thereby causing no disturbance to the natural behaviour of the animals themselves.

Arriving early, keeping downwind and avoiding unnecessary noise is essential to successful wildlife photography and with badgers even more so as they will test the wind and listen intently at the sett entrance long before emerging into view. As with all wildlife, respecting the subject will usually bring reward.


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