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Bearded Reedling ‘Highly Commended’ British Wildlife Photography Awards

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'Highly Commended'  Animal Portraits BWPA 2013

A male Bearded Reedling also known as a Bearded Tit feeding on a frosty phragmites seed head in early February.  This image was taken at first light on a windless day with temperatures around -5C

Bearded Reedlings tend to feed mainly on protein rich insects for much of the year and these are generally found lower down in the reed bed.  This makes observation particularly difficult and often their presence is only confirmed by listening out for their characteristic 'pinging' call.  One of the best times to observe and photograph these beautiful birds can be during the Winter months when insects are scarce  and they are forced to feed on the lofty seed heads of phragmites reeds.  However a windy day will soon force these little birds back down out of sight.


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