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Eurasian Wolf – Finlands Predators

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A Eurasian Wolf deep in the Finnish taiga forest.  

Although the Eurasian Wolf (Canis lupus) is fairly widespread throughout mainland Europe the numbers to be found in Finland are relatively few with data from a recent census carried out by the Finnish National Resource Institute estimating that there are currently only 150 to 180 individuals in the whole of Finland.  This number fluctuates throughout the year with several packs crossing the Russian/Finnish border regularly due to their respective ranges overlapping the more remote areas of the border line.

Their main prey in Finland are the European Elk and forest reindeer as well as  free ranging 'domesticated' reindeer occasionally being taken in the north of the country.

This image was taken just before mid-night in June and shows a lone wolf deep in the taiga forest close to the Russian border.  With an overcast sky the light levels were somewhat challenging. Luckily the distant sound of the shutter caused the wolf to stop and look in the direction of the hide for just a second before swiftly moving on not to be seen again.

Nikon D810 with Nikon 500mm f4 VRII. ISO2000 and 1/125 sec @f4

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