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Polar Bear on a rocky outcrop

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Polar Bears are often labelled the apex land predator of the high arctic, however polar bears are in fact marine predators perfectly suited to life in the sea with their Latin name Ursus maritimus reflecting this association and dependence on both sea and ice along with the marine mammals that they hunt to survive.  The favoured prey of polar bears are Bearded and Ringed seals, although given the opportunity they will also hunt Harp and Hooded seals along with young Walrus, Beluga whales and the carrion of stranded dead whales of various species.  The Polar bear depicted here is thought to be a young female and she appeared to be underweight for the time of the year which was mid-June. The bear had just covered approximately 1 km of open sea to get to the small rocky island and was searching the shore for what was thought to be possible Eider duck nests.

Although not truly within the Arctic circle (other than the north side of Grimsey island) images of Iceland and it's wildlife are also to be found in the Arctic gallery.


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